Museums in Dammam

Heritage Village Dammam

Dammam boasts captivating museums showcasing Saudi heritage and artistry. The Heritage Village Museum encapsulates the region’s history, from ancient artifacts to contemporary exhibits, unveiling the area’s evolution.

The Coral Island and Heritage Village offer a unique glimpse into traditional Saudi life, displaying crafts, architecture, and cultural practices. For art enthusiasts, the Saudi Aramco Exhibit highlights the nation’s artistic prowess through diverse mediums. These museums intertwine history, culture, and creativity, making Dammam a treasure trove for those seeking a profound immersion into Saudi Arabia’s rich tapestry.

Saudi pattern for traditional costumes

The traditional pattern from Saudi Arabia is a mainstay in tapestries, costumes, and murals.

At the Heritage Village, there’s a captivating display of a wall adorned with the distinctive South Eastern design.