Dammam Facts

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Dammam is a bustling city in Saudi Arabia, offering a vibrant mix of culture, commerce and historical significance. Dammam has a large number of hotels suitable for different budgets and preferences. There are around 50 hotels in Dammam, offering visitors a range of accommodation options.

Although the city is rich in heritage and has several museums showcasing the history and art of Saudi Arabia, there are around four museums in Dammam, each offering a unique insight into the region’s past.

With an ever-growing population, Dammam is home to over a million residents, contributing to a vibrant atmosphere and diverse community.

The city is a foodie’s paradise and has a wide range of restaurants offering local Saudi cuisine and international flavors. Around 300 restaurants cater to different tastes.

Dammam prides itself on its shopping experience and has many shopping centers throughout the city. The largest, Dareen Mall, covers 175,000 square meters and offers a wide selection of shopping and entertainment.

In terms of size, the city of Dammam covers around 800 square kilometers, while the wider Dammam region covers around 15,000 square kilometers.

Dammam is in the Arab Time Zone (AST) and has the same time zone as Riyadh, GMT+3, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s unified time system across all regions.

The city boasts multiple landmarks, including the stunning King Fahd Park, Corniche, and the mesmerizing Al-Marjan Island, all contributing to its cultural and recreational allure.