The Alto Lounge Manama | Located in Downtown Rotana

The Alto Lounge Manama

The term “Alto,” deriving from the Italian word for “high” (Latin: altus), perfectly encapsulates the essence of our Arabian-inspired lounge and bar, situated on the 25th floor of Downtown Rotana.

Perched high above the capital, Alto provides breathtaking views of Manama’s city lights, with our very name symbolizing the elevated experience we aim to deliver to our guests.

Rooted in a rich heritage of Arabian hospitality, every facet of a visit to Alto exudes the utmost refinement and hospitality. From the sophisticated interiors and the diverse fusion music drawing inspiration from regional and international melodies, to the thoughtfully curated Arabian-inspired cuisine and meticulously crafted cocktails, Alto consistently elevates the experience.

For the culinary explorer, Alto is a sanctuary. The lounge’s captivating and inviting interior, along with its expansive outdoor space, creates a welcoming retreat in the heart of the capital. Offering expansive, panoramic vistas of the city, Alto stands as the quintessential cosmopolitan escape, inviting guests to relax after a long day and mingle with a sophisticated clientele.

Operating from noon until the early hours, Alto stands as the ultimate destination for early evening drinks, late-night gatherings under the open sky, or hosting both business and private affairs throughout the day.

25th floor, Downtown Rotana
Government Avenue, Manama, Bahrain
Tel +973 3351 4455